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Association for Struggle with Hypophosphatasia Disease

(Hipofosfatazya Hastalıgı Ile Mücadele Dernegi – Abbreviation: Hifo-DER)

Hifo-DER was founded in Turkey in December 2019 to create awareness for Hypophosphatasia Disease which is a rare disease in the world.

It is difficult to diagnose and treat individuals who have rare diseases. For this reason, patients and patient relatives have various problems. There are limited medications to cure these diseases and it is not easy to have these medications called “orphan medication”. To involve closely and find solutions to problems of patients who have rare diseases and their relatives is both responsibility of our state and also civil society. It is necessary to raise awareness of civil society and to strengthen civil initiatives about rare diseases. 

For the above-mentioned requirements, Hifo-DER was founded to spread personal awareness of a mother who aims to struggle with this disease after years of misdiagnosis, diagnosis, and treatment of her son, who was born in 2007, diagnosed with “Hypophosphatasia” in January 2019.

Our mission is, first of all, to gather all individuals who were affected by Hypophosphatasia disease like my son and then, to provide information and support to the families for solving their problems thereby creating awareness to various problems of these individuals. Secondly, to bridge via releasing to the public scientific researches about Hypophosphatasia disease which is performed in national and international level. We aim to promote studies over diagnosis of the disease and different forms and treatment methods of the disease, also contribute to researches, help to patients to access to the treatment methods which will be developed in the future. 

We highlight to raise a smile individuals who suffer from the rare disease by supporting them, to support the studies which prevent emerging of diseases while a baby in the womb, briefly the importance of collaboration via doing our best for the struggle.


Sui Generis Youth Group & ISCYA

International Science Culture and Youth Assoc. is one of the largest and top-performing universities for applied sciences in Germany. We open up perspectives, and with academic training that is geared to the future alongside problem-focused and transfer-oriented research, we ensure that our graduates are in demand on the labour market.

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Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences

Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences (UAS) is a dynamic and growing university of applied sciences known for its innovative and interdisciplinary approach to education and its close links with the business world. We offer bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes that have a strong practical focus within the fields of business, law, and engineering.

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Aschaffenburg UAS is a university of applied sciences, one of the two main types of higher education institution in Germany. While traditional universities are very theoretically oriented, universities of applied sciences have a more practical outlook and focus on teaching professional skills. Both types of institution are able to issue bachelor’s and master’s degrees. However, universities of applied sciences do not independently issue doctoral degrees; instead, their focus lies in close cooperation and interaction with businesses, industry, and service providers, especially on a regional level. In keeping with this foundation, degree programmes at Aschaffenburg UAS combine academic studies, on-the-job training, and a period of specialisation culminating in a final thesis.


Aschaffenburg UAS is located in the heart of Germany’s Frankfurt-Rhine-Main business region, home to nearly 400,000 companies, 40 international trade fairs, and 30 higher education institutions. This strategic location allows us to cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships with hundreds of companies both local and international. Students have extensive opportunities for part-time jobs, internships, and post-graduation employment, and researchers will find the region ideal for partnered projects.

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